Dankie Lottoland

7 Seasons. 91 Episodes.

Giving back over R30 Million. Over 100+ Beneficiaries reached.

The first three seasons of Dankie Lottoland were an unprecedented success. Every Saturday evening the people of Mzanzi gathered around their TV screens to watch Dankie Lottoland on kykNET. Dankie Lottoland took viewers across the country to places where Lottoland South Africa was helping charitable causes or individuals in meaningful ways. Hosted by well-known celebrities and TV personalities, the feel-good programme showcased the heart- warming good deeds that help to make South Africa a better place.
But the real value of Dankie Lottoland was the overwhelmingly positive knock-on effect it had on members of the public after they had watched the programme. South Africans got involved, rolled up their sleeves and opened their hearts and wallets to help and support these worthy causes.
Never before in the history of South African television, did a reality programme make such diverse wishes come true, improved the lives of so many people, and touched the hearts of millions more.
There’s more to come…
Season 4: Nominations are now open.

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