Help ‘n Dorp

Watch Lottoland Help ‘n Dorp on Wednesdays at 21:00 on KYKNET (DSTV Channel 144)

First Season: 13 Episodes. 13 Towns.

On the back of the success of Dankie Lottoland, comes Help ‘n Dorp (Help a Town), Lottoland’s new community-focused kykNET show. Help ‘n Dorp aims to benefit, improve, and revive small towns across South Africa. With this unique feel-good initiative, Lottoland wants to make South Africans proud of their town and give them hope for the future by turning their dreams for their own town, into reality.
Members of the public were invited to pitch their project plan to Lottoland for improvements to their town, backed up with relevant business- and sustainability plans. In Season 1 Lottoland will surprise 13 towns with their famous ‘green envelope’ that will provide a cash injection to make their dream projects come true.
Some communities feel despondent and have lost all hope, but after a visit from Help ‘n Dorp, they find a renewed energy to stand together as a group and work towards making a difference in their town.

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The Help ‘n Dorp initiative sets out to make dreams come true.

The needs and aspirations of different towns across the country are not all the same. Help ‘n Dorp sets out to fund those aspects of town life that residents feel may have been overlooked in recent years, and create an opportunity to get the attention they deserve, as well as the funding they need.
Residents of small towns have the opportunity to make a difference and nominate projects that need funding within their community. From education, community, sustainability and tourism, to investment in renewable energies, libraries, sporting facilities and restoring historic buildings. It can be done with the help of Lottoland Help ‘n Dorp.
If selected by Lottoland South Africa and approved by the relevant municipality, the community may have access to funds of up to R500 000 for improvements that will make their dream come true, and help revive their town.
Help ‘n Dorp kicked off with the opportunity to reward the town of Delmas, which was voted Kwela’s ‘2023 Dorp van die Jaar’, with a prize of R1 million! The Delmas Revitalisation project intends to use the funds to truly transform the town. Equipment to repair potholes will be purchased, while the town also plans to buy skips and create a transfer station for rubbish to be dumped. Delmas has done it, and your town can too!
Season 1 of Help ‘n Dorp visits 13 towns in the Northern-, Eastern- and Western Cape, as well as the Free State.